Friday – April 24
14:00 – 15:00

Introductory Workshop: Understanding IPF

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a progressive, irreversible, chronic disease of the lungs, which currently affects between 80,000 and 111,000 people in Europe. In people suffering from this condition, the normally thin and pliable lung tissue becomes increasingly thick and scarred over time. As the scar tissue prevents oxygen from moving properly into the bloodstream, the disease leads to a progressive decline in lung function. As a result, the brain and other organs do not receive enough oxygen, which initially leads to symptoms such as shortness of breath and chronic cough and eventually to respiratory failure and death. IPF has no cure yet and is difficult to diagnose.


The objective of the European IPF Summit opening workshop is to move beyond this basic definition of IPF and create an understanding of what IPF really means for patients and their carers. The aim will be to provide all Summit participants with a baseline level of knowledge around IPF and its impact on patients’ lives. The workshop will see testimonials from patients and carers as well as an introduction to IPF and related disorders from a medical point of view. Participants will be encouraged to participate in the development of an IPF Thought Board to be displayed throughout the Summit.

Key Topics

  • What is IPF?
  • What do and don’t we know about the disease?
  • How does it compare to other related disorders?
  • How does it affect patients’ lives?What are the main challenges for IPF patients, carers and healthcare professionals?

Session Format

Patient and carer testimonials followed by a scientific introduction to IPF. The session will end with an audience Q&A.


Announced Soon

 Please note that the programme is still updated on a regular basis until finalised.