The City of Change

Some cities have an old central square that acts as the city centre, but Warsaw is different. This capital is spread across a broad area with incredibly diverse  architecture: you can live through the centuries with examples from restored Gothic to communist concrete to modern glass and steel.

This design mismatch is a sign of the city’s turbulent history. Warsaw has gone through a lot in the past 100 years, including near complete destruction at the end of WWII – but it has survived. As a result, the city has a fascinating collection of neighbourhoods, landmarks, architecture and a unique vibe. You can find some excellent museums that interpret the city’s complex story, view the many palaces and enjoy the parks of Warsaw.


Must-see sights

Experience the joy of Chopin’s music at the Fryderyk Chopin Museum

Insider tip: The XVIII International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition takes place between 13th and 24th of April 2020. Come a bit earlier and listen to some of the new young musicians.

Appreciate the beautiful Royal Palace of Warsaw.

Located in the old town, adjacent to the magnificent Old Town Square – a must see. After nearly complete destruction during WWII it was rebuilt and now hosts the works of Rembrandt.

Visit the palaces and gardens that embellish Warsaw.

For example Lazienki Palace and its park, they were not destroyed during the war, so you can enjoy the original architecture of XVIII century. Visit Wilanow Palace, which belonged to King John The Third Sobieski, the King who stopped the Turkish army near Vienna in XVII century.

Embrace the tragedy of the Jewish ghetto by visiting the Polin Museum

Understand the impact that WWII had on Poland and its inhabitants by visiting the  Warsaw Rising Museum, which is dedicated to Warsaw’s uprising in 1944.

Enjoy the panorama of Warsaw by riding 30 floors with the elevator of the Palace of Culture and Science

Browse around 830,000 works of art from Poland and abroad, from ancient times to the present at the National Museum of Art


Our top picks

Kompania Piwna 

If you are looking for a classic Polish (with a hint of German) restaurant, then Kompania Piwna is the place for you. Imagine big tables, generous portions, delicious meat accompanied by live music in the evenings – and the beer is great too.

Delicja Polska

Delicja Polska is one of the more classic restaurants in Warsaw, with a chic interior and an extensive menu. With a compilation of delicious Polish cuisine, a romantic atmosphere, top-notch service, in addition to being situated in an excellent location, it becomes the perfect place for lunch or dinner.


If you are looking to eat some pierogi, the classic Polish-dumpling, then look no further than Zapiecek. This traditional polish food chain cannot disappoint and will live up to their fantastic reputation– as they say themselves: “Flour, water, pinch of salt. Add a smile…dumplings stuffed with feeling! Make it worth your while…For looking, for eating, for talking, for meeting!”


MOMU.gastrobar is a cosmopolitan bistro that combines an eatery with a bar. The interesting menu contains a chapter dedicated to a different street-food tradition of each region of the world.

Cafe Kulturalna

It doesn’t get much more iconic than this. Not only will you be in the “Cafe of Culture,” but you will be eating on the ground floor of Warsaw’s most famous building: the Palace of Culture and Science. It is also a handy stop for those waiting to catch a train to another part of Poland, as the central train station is just five minutes away.

Disclaimer: Please note that EU-IPFF and its third party suppliers do not endorse the above mentioned places. These are only recommendations.