Question & Answers

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a 3000-character summary of a paper, case study, research, etc. The study and results reported should be novel, and not simply an extension of previously published work.

How do I submit an abstract?

Online. If you are a patient, patient representative or support organisation, click here. If you are an early or experienced healthcare professionals or researchers, click here.

My project is still ongoing and there are no results yet, should I still submit an abstract?

Abstracts are intended to present scientific studies, research or patient-centric projects.

If your study/project is currently ongoing and you only have preliminary data, but it seems relevant or significant, you can submit the abstract. However, please be aware that abstracts with incomplete data may have a smaller chance of being accepted for the European IPF Patient Summit.

Once your abstract is accepted, you can no longer update the content of your abstract, which will be published on a dedicated session of the IPF Summit website However, you are permitted to present updated information via your poster onsite at the Summit.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Yes, you may submit more than one abstract.

Do I have to submit a conflict of interest form?

As part of the submission form, there will be an area dedicated to clearly state whether you have any conflicts of interest.

Can I submit a case report study?

We accept case study abstracts if they are well prepared. We do not provide specific templates for this type of abstracts.

Where can I find the guidelines on how to prepare an abstract?

For patients, patient representatives and support organisations – click here

For early or experienced healthcare professionals or researchers – click here

Once submitted, can I still modify my abstract?

You cannot modify your abstract’s body nor title after it is submitted. After you receive the notification that your abstract is accepted to the European IPF Patient Summit, you will be able to modify only the list of authors. 

To ensure that changes to the authors list are considered, make sure the edits are completed in due time, at least one month prior the Summit.

Please contact us at
info@euipfsummit.org for a change of authorship.

How can I change my abstract’s presenting author?

After you received the notification that your abstract is accepted to the European IPF Patient Summit you can modify the list of authors. Please contact us at info@euipfsummit.org for a change of authorship.

How can I withdraw my abstract?

If your abstract is accepted, you will need to contact the European IPF Patient Summit with the completed abstract withdrawal form – download here.

To ensure that your abstract is withdrawn from the European IPF Patient Summit, send the completed form in due time. This should be sent at least one month prior to the Summit to ensure that all platforms are updated.

Can pharmaceutical or MedTech employees submit an abstract?

Industry representatives employed by a pharmaceutical or MedTech company can submit an abstract for a poster. In order to mitigate doubt about impartiality and the potential risk of an allegation of prohibited advertising of medicines, the industry representatives should ensure that their abstracts are objective, substantive and does not have a promotional nature.

Can abstracts covering new evidence on one specific molecule be submitted?

Yes, abstracts for posters can cover new evidence on a specific molecule, as long as they do so from a fair and balanced scientific perspective and do not have a promotional nature. 

Further help needed

If none of the answers above could help you, you can contact us at info@euipfsummit.org. We will do our best to answer your queries within a maximum of 5 working days.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.