Preparation of your abstract

Below you will find information on how to prepare an abstract if you are a patient, patient representative or a support organisation.

Abstracts must be submitted in English. A “blind” selection process will be used. Features such as names of hospitals, medical schools, clinics or cities may not be listed in the title or text of the abstract.

  • The content of the abstract does not need to be original and can be previously published – however, this needs to be clearly indicated upon submission.
  • Do not include the names of the authors in the abstract. Their names and affiliations (institutions/patient groups) will be registered separately when submitting the abstract online.
  • The abstract must be objective, substantive and not be of promotional nature.
  • No late submissions will be accepted – should there be data that is revealed only after submission deadline, please inform the Summit Secretariat by emailing
  • The title should clearly indicate the nature of the study but should not be too long. Abbreviations cannot be used in the title. Please refrain from writing the title entirely in capital letters (e.g. NOT LIKE THIS).
  • The size of the abstract is limited to 2,000 characters (spaces and pictures are not included in the character count). Please note the submission tool on the website will automatically calculate the size of your abstract. It will not allow submissions that do not fit in the size requirements.

Ensure that your abstract includes the following:

  • Introduction & Objectives: A sentence describing the purpose of the survey, project, campaign, etc.
  • Methodology: Describe the methodology in detail (how was the project executed)
  • Results: Describe your results and the impact of the survey, project, campaign etc.) with facts if possible (ex: social media impressions, number of visitors, etc.)
  • Conclusions: Emphasise novelty and important aspects and conclusions of the project.

Please note the following:

  • Your abstract has to be in English.
  • Check spelling and grammar carefully.
  • Receive authorisation from the patient group to submit the abstract in the name of the association (and to use the association’s logo in the poster)
  • Failure to comply with the following requirements will lead to automatic rejection of the submission:
    • Use generic names. The use of commercial drug names, brands and registered trademarks are strictly prohibited. Drugs should be referred to by the active substance or pharmacological designation.
    • Do not mention pharmaceutical company names in the abstract.

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract submission deadline: TBC.
  • Abstracts will only be accepted through the online system.
  • The official Summit language is English; therefore abstracts need be written in English.
  • The abstract should not exceed 2000 characters (not including space and pictures). 
  • Authors agree and accept publishing approved abstracts on the IPF Summit website.
  • The sender of the abstract holds the responsibility of the contents being approved and authorised by other authors. 
  • The authors have acknowledged any conflict of interests.
  • Only the first letters of each word in abstract title should be capital letter. Name and surname information should be clearly written, no abbreviation should be used. 
  • After the submission is completed, the sender will receive a confirmation email to the address indicated at submission. 
  • Only the abstracts sent for review (the submitter will have received a confirmation email) will be evaluated by the Scientific Steering Committee. Draft abstracts, which are not completed until the submission deadline, will be deleted. 
  • After the evaluation is completed, the acceptance/rejection letters will be sent by email to the e-mail address indicated at submission. 

Particular attention will be given to abstracts which include a patient perspective in their research. We accept any form of research including case reports, case studies and series, clinical trials, etc.

Evaluation Criteria

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by two to three members of the Scientific Committee (including at least one HCP and one patient). A “blind” selection process will be used, meaning that information such as name of authors, patient groups, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, may not be listed in the title or text of the abstract. Their names and affiliations (institutions) will be registered separately when submitting the abstract online.

Abstracts will be reviewed, taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Title: clear description of presentation and its contents.
  • Quality of content: Clear and focused.
  • Methodology: explanation on how the project was executed, with what tools, and any additional resources that were used.  
  • Relevance, currency, appropriateness and significance of the project.
  • Inclusion of patient perspective and involvement of patients and/or patient representatives.

It is recommended that you read the above criteria carefully and refer to them as you are drafting your abstract. 

Factors disqualifying an abstract

  • The abstract is not in English.
  • The abstract promotes commercial interests.
  • The abstract focuses on promotion or access to specific pharmacological treatments, products or therapy and acts as a commercial interface between patients and sponsors.
  • The abstract directly or indirectly promotes specific products or treatments from sponsors.
  • The abstract provides misleading information, either in regard to the nature of a medicinal product (e.g. whether or not it is suitable for children) or any claim or comparison (e.g. by using incomplete information or information of no statistical significance or uncustomary scales).
  • The abstract includes sponsors’ logo.
  • Inappropriate conflict of interest.
  • The abstract is not completed according to the guidelines outlined.
  • The proposal was not submitted via the European IPF Patient Summit website by the appropriate deadline.
  • The proposal was faxed or mailed.

Communication to participants

Acceptance letters will be sent via e-mail. Relevant information about your abstract’s presentation including the presentation date, time, venue, presentation number will be included in the acceptance letters.  The presenting author of the abstract must be registered for the congress.

On-site poster requirements

If a poster proposal is accepted by the Scientific Steering Committee, the exhibitor must arrive onsite with one (1) poster with the dimensions of A1 (594 x 841 mm) and following the standard format of: Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Conclusion. Posters are not allowed to display sponsors’ logo’s. Selected authors are responsible for arranging their own poster and paying the registration fee.

All posters will be reviewed on-site at the Summit by the Scientific Committee.

Please note, that no European IPF Patient Summit funds are available for honoraria or to support participants’ travel.


The winning poster will be announced during the European IPF Patient Summit 2021.

There will be six awards:

For submissions by early and experienced healthcare professionals and researchers:

  • Best Research Poster
  • Best Person-Centred Care Poster
  • Best Policy & Advocacy Poster

For submissions by patients, patient representatives and support organisations

  • Best Research Poster
  • Best Person-Centred Care Poster
  • Best Policy & Advocacy Poster